Parr Cayman S Turbo

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This project started when an existing 911 customer test drove a Cayman S and was hooked by the cars balance and handling. The only issue for the customer was it didn’t have enough power to compliment the chassis and this is where he sought Parr’s help. The customer purchased a brand new Cayman S Sport (number 166 of 700 made) and after 2000 miles came to Parr to get the project underway. While the main objective of the project was to increase the performance of the car the upgrades also had to be both cost effective and reversible if needed. The conclusion on all fronts was that turbochaging was the route to take.
The following work was carried out:
  • Turbocharger system with intercooler
  • Upgraded single mass lightweight flywheel
  • Upgraded Clutch Kit
  • Limited slip differential
  • Upgraded brake kit with larger discs, upgraded pads and hoses
  • Fully adjustable coil over suspension with Parr set up
  • Upgraded Anti roll bars
  • Short Shift
  • Front splitter
  • GT3 Front bumper vent to reduce lift and improve cooling
  • Rear diffuser
  • Upgraded rear wing
  • GT3 bucket seats
The results of the project were very impressive and you can see the press write ups here: