Porsche Geometry & Suspension

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Porsche Geometry & Suspension

Parr Porsche offers a range of services from revised car geometry settings for the track day enthusiast to full vehicle dynamic analysis for race applications.

Parr has the experience of many successful racing campaigns to back our highly trained technicians and engineers to optimise the handling of your Porsche. We use a variety of specialist tools to understand and adjust the setup to give optimum performance.

Services we provide:

Corner Weight Scales

Corner weight scales are necessary to achieve an accurate setup, making sure each corner of the car is level. When you make even the smallest of changes to the dampers it affects the ride height, the car geometry, and weight distribution of the car. In order for your car to be balanced, all parameters are therefore checked and adjusted together.Electronic scales sit under each wheel – these provide accurate readings of each corner’s weight. To re-adjust the balance of the car, trained technicians alter the damper platform height of each corner to fix the ride height and re-distribute the weight.

Upgraded Dampers

Dampers control the movement of the wheels against the road surface – this determines the force on the tyre, contact patches, and the amount of grip the tyre generates. Dampers, along with springs and anti-roll bars, also control the movement of the chassis against the wheels. So, the dampers determine the ultimate grip generated by the car and how it feels to the driver. Parr Porsche offers a variety of dampers to suit the application and your budget, creating a bespoke setup for your car and driving preferences.

Damper Dynamometer

The damper dynamometer is designed to allow accurate performance measurements to be made for all types of hydraulic dampers – allowing our engineers to take the guesswork out of damper setups.  The dynamometer allows quick and accurate performance graphs to be made. This is to compare and match or tune dampers to diagnose any that are faulty or ageing. Damper dynamometers test and measure force response and the speed of dampers.

Dampers wear out like any other mechanism and need to be rebuilt periodically. The dynamometer can accurately highlight problems and allow you to see the effects of external adjustments on the damper’s performance.

Spring Rate Test Equipment

Just like dampers, springs need to have their rate checked by a high-quality tester Parr strives to take the guesswork out of vehicle setup. Why guess when you can know! Even very high-quality springs can vary +/- 3%. Parr has invested in the best test equipment to ensure our customers get the best chassis engineering.

Geometry Checks and Changes

Porsche suspension tuning is a series of compromises, with adjustments having definite positive and negative effects on different aspects of the vehicle’s handling performance.

At Parr, we ensure that your car is working how it should on the road and track. By making controlled changes to the car’s geometry, we can help you to get the best performance from the chassis.

Optimised Set Ups

Parr offers optimised set-ups for fast road/track day use. The standard geometry configuration is always compromised to cater for a wide range of driving styles and applications. Parr can increase your road/track day experience by making geometry changes that will improve the car’s feel and performance.

Along with the Biessbarth wheel alignment system Parr has the Manthey Racing wheel alignment and setup system. This allows Parr to set your Porsche to Manthey-specific settings.

Track Support

For customers wishing to hone car setup and make changes, trackside Parr can offer a bespoke engineering service. This service is a good way of perfecting your car’s handling using the experience of Parr engineers and the latest setup tools.

Parr can provide a wide range of support services from a support engineer through to full track preparation and running.

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