May 14, 2019

Cargraphic make the 718 sound good!

Since the launch of the Porsche 718 the only real criticism of the car is the sound. Cargraphic have been working hard in developing a range of exhaust options to address this issue.

Cargraphic Exhaust for Porsche 718 Boxster / Cayman features

Modular CARGRAPHIC Sport Exhaust Concept available for all Porsche 718 models with 2,0l and 2,5l flat-4-cylinder engine incl. GTS.

  • PSE Style tailpipe trims for NON-PSE vehicles / Double-outlet standard S look for NON-S models
  • Various tailpipe colours and materials: Polished, Gloss-Black Enameled, Matt-Black Thermopaint, Carbon-fibre finish
  • Vacuum exhaust valves to be used with OEM or CARGRAPHIC valve control.
  • Absorptive silencer design
  • Large volume Ø130mm Tri-Metal 200 cell high flow HD Sport Catalytic Converters available for PSE and NON-PSE models.
  • Fully OBD2 compliant (no check engine light).
  • CNC mandrel-bent pipework / Made from T-304L lightweight stainless steel
  • Dyno tested high performance components / Maximized performance / Improved Throttle Response / Improved enhanced acoustics / No drone or resonation

You can hear the system here.

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