Feb 22, 2019

Techart release GT Street RS

Techart Press Release:

Leonberg, February 22nd, 2019


Faster. Wilder. And uncompromising TECHART GTstreet RS:

TECHART presents the new GTstreet RS at the Geneva Motor Show 2019 in Hall 2.


TECHART presents its new benchmark in the super sportscars segment. The Porsche 911 Turbo S based GTstreet RS is limited to ten units.


The new Forged Design carbon fiber body kit with its randomly arranged carbon strands, instantly underlines its performance claim. For its Geneva debut, the GTstreet RS is equipped with a special version of the forged TECHART Formula IV Race centerlock wheels. Aero rings in Forged Design carbon fiber protect the brake system from stone-chipping and reduce air turbulence on the wheels.


New materials are finding their way into the GTstreet RS. For the first time in a sportscar, the TECHART factory processes luxurious virgin wool combined with leather and Alcantara®. The natural fabric gives the interior a new elegance and classiness and while being particularly hard-wearing and flame-retardant for racetrack use.


The new TECHART performance power enhancement for the GTstreet RS uses, among other features, new turbochargers with variable turbine geometry and boosts the total power output to 567 kW (770 hp) in Sport Mode and generates a maximum torque of 920 Newton meters. For the presentation in Geneva, the preliminary driving performance is specified 2.5 seconds for the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 200 km/h: 8.1 seconds). The top speed will exceed 340 km/h.


The GTstreet RS offers TECHART features for everyday use. Among other options, these include the TECHART Noselift front axle lift system, the continuously controlled TECHART valve exhaust system as well as the TECHART PROTECT warranty for individualized new and used Porsche vehicles.


Besides, part of the GTstreet RS is a collection of handcrafted accessories, all of which are tailor-made: a racing helmet, a matching helmet bag and an on-board document wallet are made exclusively for each of the ten vehicles, incorporating the selected original materials and colors, as well as the serial number of the vehicle.




Exterior design and aerodynamics

The expressive lightweight Forged Design Carbon body panels are not just a visual eye-catching element of the GTstreet RS. The bodykit ensures well-balanced aerodynamics as a key feature of the GTstreet RS. It allows remarkable lateral acceleration and provides a high level of driving safety at all speeds.


The front apron with carbon front spoiler and active front spoiler lip optimizes the airflow to the water and oil coolers through additional air intakes and a central air outlet. The integrated headlights are framed by striking carbon airframes. Laterally positioned flaps provide additional downforce and positively affect the drag coefficient.


The dynamically contoured lightweight front hood in Forged Design carbon is unique for each GTstreet RS, bearing the running edition number lacquered in high gloss clear paint. The front lid features characteristic NACA air inlets, which supply additional cooling air to the braking system without negatively influencing the drag coefficient.


The carbon front fenders feature wheel arch ventilation with integrated carbon louvers. They dissipate the heat generated by braking forces and reduce the aerodynamic lift. Carbon side skirts harmoniously connect the front and rear wheel arch extensions. Air intakes on the rear side parts of the TECHART GTstreet RS are made of Forged Design carbon fiber.


A ram air scoop on the rear lid as well as larger air outlet ducts on the rear apron serve both for better air supply to the engine and more efficient air flow through the intercoolers. The active rear wing provides more pressure on the rear axle. In performance mode, the rear spoiler extends and adjusts by 15 degrees. The prominent rear diffuser completes the aerodynamics concept of the GTstreet RS.


The rear and the rear side windows are made of high-tensile lightweight glass, which is also known as Corning® Gorilla® Glass used in mobile phones and tablets.


The carbon fiber rear diffuser surrounds another highlight: the TECHART GTstreet RS exhaust system. Four centrally located titanium tailpipes release the exhaust gases with a powerful sound into the open. TECHART uses a continuously controlled pneumatic flap adjustment for the control of the exhaust valves of the four-flow GTstreet RS exhaust. This optimizes the exhaust counter pressure depending under different load conditions and simultaneously avoids unwanted audible frequencies.




Driving dynamics and performance


The GTstreet RS Powerkit with newly developed VTG turbochargers ensures a consistent power delivery. The overall performance of the 911 Turbo S increases from a standard 427 kW (580 hp) by another 140 kW (190 hp) to a total of 567 kW (770 hp). The torque increases to a maximum of 920 Newton meters.


The GTstreet RS stays in contact with the road with the following tire dimensions :

front 265/35 ZR 20, rear 325/30 ZR 20. The forged 20-inch TECHART Formula IV wheels come with a central locking device and are equipped with street-legal sports tires.


“For the use on public roads, the speed of the GTstreet RS is electronically limit to the road-legal maxiumum of currently 340 km/h, which is determined by the speed approvals of the. However, on a high speed testing ground and equipped with specially homologated sports tires, the new TECHART GTstreet RS performance powerkit allows speeds of around 360 km/h”, Steven Ratz, technical CEO at TECHART Automobildesign says.


In Geneva, TECHART will provide an outlook on a new design feature. The aero rings made of Forged Design carbon fiber reduce air turbulence on the wheels and protect the braking system from stone-chipping.


TECHART also offers several options for the chassis, such as a PDCC compatible coilover suspension and the retrofittable TECHART Noselift system. The lift system provides an extra 60 mm of ground clearance at the front axle by the push of a button, thus garage entrances, bumps or road curbs can easily be passed.




Racing Couture: the GTstreet RS interior


Alcantara®, leather and as a new material, genuine virgin wool. Three materials shape the interior

of the GTstreet RS. The TECHART interior manufactory leaves no detail untouched. The performance orientation of the Club Sport interior is omnipresent: the TECHART sport steering wheel with the straight-ahead-marker, the sport seats, the 6-point racing seatbelts, the roll bar and the color-matched door opener looms.


The floor mats, dashboard, center tunnel, center console, sun visors, door pillars and the roof lining are covered with Alcantara®. The GTstreet RS design door panels and seats are covered in a combination of leather, Alcantara® and virgin wool, with a typical GTstreet RS stitching design.


The use of virgin wool is a novelty in the TECHART program for the sportscar segment. The natural material is extremely robust, easy to clean of flame-retardant. Above all however, the high-quality fabrics ensure a unique haptic and visual effect.


Like all materials, the interior parts are also custom painted according to each GTstreet RS customer’s individual color concept. These include for example the drive mode switch on the steering wheel, the air nozzle frames and adjusters, the PDK gear selector, the gear selector surround and even the control buttons of the electric seat adjustment.


The GTstreet RS logotype is visible on the custom color central instrument dial, on the door entry guards and engraved in the sport pedals. A badge with the serial number in each of the ten GTstreet RS certifies its authenticity and exclusiveness.

A collection of handcrafted accessories is part of the GTstreet RS. A racing helmet with a matching helmet bag as well as an on-board document wallet is custom made for every GTstreet RS owner, hand sewed in the selected materials and colors. Just like the car itself, the accessories also carry the serial number of the vehicle.



Technical data GTstreet RS Powerkit



TECHART Powerkit TA 091/T3.1

for 911 Turbo S (991/2nd generation), 427 kW / 580 hp / 750 Nm


Power enhancement + 140 kW / + 190 hp
Torque increase + 170 Nm
Total power output 567 kW (770 hp), max. 920 Nm
0 – 100 km/h (Sport Plus) 2.5 s
0 – 200 km/h (Sport Plus) 8.1 s
Top speed
(electronically limited to 340 km/h for public road use)
> 340 km/h

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