Oct 22, 2019

Tuning your Porsche: why is it necessary?

Classic Porsche dashboard with red detailing

As the proud owner of a Porsche, you will undoubtedly want your car to perform to its maximum potential. By optimising performance through a tuning, your driving experience will be enhanced: be it for Engine Control Unit (ECU) remapping, chassis upgrades or exterior aero alterations.

If you’re new to the world of specialist performance vehicles, you may find yourself wondering how necessary it is to tune your vehicle properly, and what performance benefits you may gain as a result.

What is car tuning?

Car tuning is essentially the modification of any specific element of your car which alters it from the manufacturer’s default specifications. Tuning can be broken down into several subcategories, including engine tuning, chassis tuning and exterior tuning.

Engine tuning can take on different forms from Engine Control Unit modifications to a full custom Porsche engine rebuild in order to yield an improvement in overall performance, durability, or to enhance certain qualities.

The scope for adjustments involved in tuning – be it the exterior, chassis or engine – is varied; it depends on the Porsche model and your personal requirements.

Close up of Porsche ECU motherboard during tuning

Why should you tune a Porsche?

There are a variety of reasons why you should tune your Porsche, depending on usage. Understanding what you want will help to achieve the optimum result.

For example, if you have bought a Porsche with the intention of using on track, it needs to withstand the stresses placed on it. When using your Porsche for motorsport safety and handling are key. Geometry, suspension, brakes and safety equipment are important factors in getting the best from your on track experience. As you become more familiar and comfortable with your Porsche then increasing engine performance can make the car far more rewarding on track.

However, if you are driving a Porsche Cayenne for example, the desired outcome from tuning will be different. Owners of practical Porsche models such as the Cayenne will often be looking for road performance enhancements to make more engaging driving, including remapping and upgraded exhaust systems.

Should I see a specialist for Porsche tuning?

Although many enthusiasts take great care in tuning their own cars, Parr recommend seeking professional help to tune a Porsche.

Whether you’re looking for an ECU upgrade to improve your car’s performance, or a full bespoke Porsche tuning package – enlisting the help of a reputable expert ensures that the work will be carried out to a high standard and completely in line with your expectations.

Black Porsche parked outside with doors open

Why choose Parr Porsche for tuning?

At Parr Porsche, we are experts in Porsche tuning. Parr use our extensive list of global suppliers to ensure your Porsche receives the best product to deliver the performance you are looking for. Using our 35 years of Porsche tuning experience we can help guide you to the correct upgrades that will give you the Porsche you are looking for.

Being Porsche specialists, we can assess individual models alongside your personal requirements to perform upgrades which cater to your expectations, and accurately predict the performance results you can expect to see.

For more information on our remapping service and the tuning outcomes you can expect, please see our dedicated ECU tuning page or get in touch with a member of our team today.