Sep 30, 2019

Techart Launch 911 992 Program

Techart 992 program

Your time is now.
TECHART launches custom refinement for the new Porsche 911 (992).
All owners of a new generation Porsche 911 are now given a new range of quality refinement and sporty customization. TECHART’s new individualization program offers an entire world:
exterior styling and aerodynamics, handcrafted interior refinement, intelligent engine power enhancements, emotional exhaust sound upgrades and last but not least an all new forged wheel
fitting the 911’s mixed 20-inch/21-inch tire configuration.


TECHART introduces new materials and a number of innovations, developing the spirit of the „Timeless Machine“1 911 further towards maximum individuality and freedom of choice.
Living in the moment, now and today.


In the development of the new product range, TECHART merged traditional workmanship
and new digital design engineering: aerodynamic body parts have been created in both
virtual reality and artisan clay modelling. State-of-the-art 3D prototyping has been combined
with real-life on track and wind tunnel testing.

New high-tensile materials for exterior parts have been introduced, creating
ultra-modern touches – while being virtually invisible.

Natural raw materials and new textures have been processed in TECHART’s interior manufactory.
The results are hand-made interiors, unique design highlights and an extraordinary look and feel.

TECHART has also created a new forged wheel for the new 911. TECHART Daytona II
is the new interpretation of a true TECHART classic, engineered in modern forging technology.


Unifying elements of all TECHART personalization features: the renowned quality level of genuine TECHART products and the unrivaled diversity allowing the customers to customize nearly every detail to their personal preference. Last but not least, peace of mind is a standard feature at TECHART:
the TECHART PROTECT warranty covers individualized new and pre-owned Porsche vehicles.


TECHART Exterior Design and Aerodynamics for the 911. Made in Germany.


Expressive body parts create the dynamic styling of the new TECHART aerokit. At the same time,
every part contributes to well-balanced aerodynamics at the front and at the rear of the 911.
Using the standard mounting points, the installation of TECHART body parts can be done without hassle. A contrasting color concept allows customers to adjust the character of the body styling in order to enhance its elegant or its sporty touch. The TECHART aerodynamic bodykit and wheels are entirely manufactured in Germany, ensuring highes product quality.


The parts of the new TECHART Aerokit for the 911.


The new five-piece TECHART Front Spoiler I includes a splitter element which seems to float freely inside the surrounding spoiler shape. As a result, the front apron cowers close to the road surface. Design trims on both sides of the spoiler as well as the two-tone paintwork add an elegant and sporty touch. The TECHART Front Spoiler I does also fit 911 models equipped with Porsche’s SportDesign package. The spoiler can be installed without removing the 911’s front apron.


Two-piece TECHART Airframes highlight the two air intakes at the front of the 911 and enhance
its powerful appearance. Here too, the choice of the paintwork offers additional personalization opportunities, including a color-matching of standard body parts such as the active air intake louvers.
New design feature of the TECHART bodykit: side air outlet trims in front of the wheel arches on both sides of the front fascia.


Athletic TECHART Side Skirts transfer the design line to the side view. Instantly visible: this 911
is not a standard one. The multi-piece design divides the side skirts into an inner side skirt profile
which integrates seamlessly with the body and a second outer side skirt which creates a distinct contrast. This virtually lowers the vehicle’s balance point. The side skirts end with a characteristic
shark-like fin in front of the rear wheel arches.


The lower rear is dominated by the new TECHART Rear Diffusor, which spreads to both sides of the rear apron. Five diffusor fins help to reduce the aerodynamic lift and can be individually color-matched.


TECHART Aero Wings in body color are located above the diffusor and add a finishing touch
to the 911’s rear. The trims surround the 911’s exhaust tips on both sides and add emphasis
to the rear air outlets.


A profiled TECHART Roof Spoiler guides the airstream to the fixed TECHART Rear Spoiler II.
The newly shaped wing profile leaves no doubt: creating additional downforce is its very aim.
However, the sophisticated design strikes the eye as the TECHART wing seems to be fixed on
just one central upright. This ultra-modern styling is created by the use of glass-like spoiler uprights made of Makrolon®. The tramsparent and high-tensile polycarbonate allows the rear wing
to rest like a sculpture on the engine cover. This cover has also been redesigned for the new
TECHART Rear Spoiler II. It incorporates two air intakes as well as an additional braking light.


For 911 owners who prefer a rather subtle spoiler element at their 911’s rear, the TECHART
Rear Spoiler I is an alternative. The aerodynamic add-on is mounted to the standard rear spoiler.
With the TECHART Rear Spoiler I, the automatic adjustment of the active spoiler remains unchanged. 


TECHART engine power enhancement and emotional sound for the 911.


A new TECHART powerkit provides increased individual driving pleasure at any time.

Available for the new 911 Carrera 4S, the TECHART TECHTRONIC based power upgrade
provides additional 60 horsepower (44 kW) which results in an overall power output of
510 horsepower (375 kW). The maximum torque is increased by 80 Newtonmeters
to 610 Newtonmeters.

One of the core values of TECHART powerkits is the intelligent integration into the vehicle’s
electronic management. The power add-on is activated in the 911’s driving modes
Sport and Sport Plus.


Therefore, a switch of the standard driving mode button is everything it takes to enter a new level
of driving performance. Good to know: the TECHART powerkit considers the 911’s assistance systems, such as the innovative Porsche ‘WET” mode. The TECHART powerkit reduces the power gain automatically according to the water detection of the system.


The new TECHART sports exhaust system completes the emotional individual driving experience. Dynamic exhaust valves create an impressive soundscape which is also adjusted in accordance
to the selected driving mode. This allows the driver to easily switch from standard power and sound
to increased performance combined with sporty driving sound whenever she or he is in the mood.


The TECHART sports exhaust system fits the exhaust tips of the Porsche sports exhaust system. Within short time, additional sports exhaust options as well as TECHART sports tailpipes will be available for the new 911 models.


The new TECHART Daytona II forged wheel for the 911.


As part of the new individualization range, TECHART presents an all new forged wheel for the 911.
The sophisticated design reinterprets a classic TECHART wheel design of the past.
At the time of the 996 models, TECHART’s Daytona wheel has been an accessory sought-after.
Today, genuine TECHART Daytona rims have become a collector’s item.


The new TECHART Daytona II is an evolution of this design, engineered for the new 911
in modern forging technology.


TECHART Daytona II forged wheels are available in 20-inch and 21-inch fitting the mixed tire configuration of the new 911 models. Like every TECHART wheel, it can be configured
individually in one- or two-tone color. The new wheel fits flush with the wheel arches
creating a sporty appearance. Spacers for a wider track are not required.


An optional TECHART sport suspension lowers the chassis of the 911 by 30 mm.


TECHART Interior Refinement: customized highlights for the 911 in leather and virgin wool.


Supple leather and, as a new material, genuine new wool, also known as virgin wool. The interior manufactory at TECHART creates individual refinement highlights according to the customers’ preferences. The elegant combination of leather and wool was introduced by TECHART
in 2018 for the new Porsche Cayenne. Now, it enriches the wide range of TECHART options
for the 911 interior.


Illuminated carbon door sill plates, sporty aluminium pedals, handcrafted TECHART sports steering wheels and much more is at the customers’ choice to turn their 911 into an individual piece of art.


TECHART Automobildesign. The Brand. The Company.


TECHART Automobildesign GmbH, with its headquarters in Leonberg near Stuttgart, sets global

standards in terms of premium refinement for Porsche cars. Founded in 1987, TECHART has been

living this passion for over 30 years. With consistent implementation of own ideas and developments,

high quality standards and continuous brand development, the company became an internationally

renowned trademark with sales partners all over the world.


TECHART’s product range offers refinement options for any Porsche model and every section of the

vehicle : aerodynamic improvement and exterior styling, technical optimizations such as engine

powerkits, exhaust systems, wheels, suspensions or assistance systems, as well as bespoke interior

personalization, manufactured by TECHART’s inhouse saddlery and upholstery shop.

Approved as an internationally registered vehicle manufacturer and certified as Authorized Economic

Operator (AEO-F) by the European Union, TECHART is the premium brand for the refinement of

Porsche cars worldwide.