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Protect your Porsche

Once you are the proud owner of a Porsche we can offer you many Porsche services to keep your car in pristine condition as well as help retain the residual value of your vehicle.

One such service is the protection film option. Our range of paint protection films offer a urethane film with excellent elasticity properties offering optical clarity. The film is designed to reduce stone chip marks, to protect against minor abrasions and to help against environmental damage to paintwork and headlights. This means by having a Porsche protective film you will be less likely to need a costly re-spray at a later date and keep the originality of the paintwork.

The standard protection film kit covers these areas of your Porsche bodywork:

  • Front bumper
  • Bonnet (leading edge or full coverage)
  • Headlights
  • Fog Lights
  • Wings or Wing ends
  • Mirrors
  • Top of rear bumper (to protect from boot access)
  • Optional side skirts and rear arches available if required.

The pre-cut film kit is installed by our professionally trained and expert fitter and our database of patterns is available for most Porsches.

Customise your Porsche Windows:

Many people believe that having tinted windows on your vehicle can only mean your windows have to be very dark or near black. This is not the case. Of course you can have a very dark tint on your windows should you require it but you can also choose from other options as well.

Tinted films offer:
  • Comfort – by keeping you, your passengers and your car cool whatever the weather.
  • Tinting – and privacy: tinting windows keeps out inquisitive eyes so that you, your passengers and your valuables will be out of sight.
  • Security – and safety: our films hold glass in place and prevent shards of flying glass from causing damage.
  • Tuning – and aesthetics: 3M™ Automotive Window films will makes you car look stylish and attractive and are offered in a variety of shades to satisfy every request. 3M™ Colour Stable films will not fade and have a 10 year warranty.
3M™ Crystalline™ Window Films offer:
  • An alternative to tinting: if you want the superior solar heat rejection and UV properties but without a dark tint, Crystalline is an ideal alternative.
  • Enhance performance without changing the appearance.
  • Ideal for protecting children or animals.
  • Hi-light transmission and totally metal free.
  • 10 year warranty.
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