Porsche 1973 911 2.8 RSR Recreation

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AN EXISTING CLIENT WANTED A WIDE BODIED AIR COOLED 911 THAT WOULD BE ELIGIBLE FOR fia HISTORIC ROAD RALLIES. hE LOVED THE LOOK OF THE 70’S rsr’S BUT DIDN’T HAVE THE BUDGET TO PURCHASE AN ORIGINAL . pARR HAD TO LOOK FOR AN ALTERNATIVE ROUTE SO BUILDING AN ELIGIBLE CAR AS CLOSE TO THE ORIGINAL AS POSSIBLE WAS DECIDED. iN ORDER FOR THE CAR TO GAIN fia PAPERS TO COMPETE IN THESE CLASSIC EVENTS WE NEEDED TO FIND A 70’S DONOR CAR WHICH CAME IN THE FORM OF A 1973 911T. aS YOU CAN SEE THE PROJECT WAS VERY INVOLVED BUT THE END RESULT WAS STUNNING.The 911T was sourced from France and the shell  needed  a lot of PREPARATION with the addition of a safety cage and the front/rear arch EXTENSIONS. The shell was then sent away to be dipped and e-coated before being prepared for painting. Parts were sourced from around the globe to keep the build as close to original as possible.
Work completed:
  • Shell modifications/Preparation including integral safety cage
  • Complete Twin spark engine build as close to factory spec as we could with many original parts sourced
  • Custom made oil coolers
  • Complete gearbox build and restore using original case and modified internals and custom gear ratios
  • Wiring harness repaired and RE-MANUFACTURED
  • Original and custom manufactured replica Fuchs wheels to factory specification
  • RSR torsion bar suspension used with all new components
  • All new brake system with original RSR calipers and RSR hand brake
  • Chrome re-plated
  • Complete new interior including seats, carpets, steering wheel and dashboard
  • Car detailed with correct factory decal and engine bay stickers