JRZ Suspension

Dampers have a direct influence on how the car grips to a surface.
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The JRZ Suspension Damper

The JRZ Suspension damper design derived from many years of experience, research and development of suspension for racing, rally, off road, armoured and industrial applications.

What are JRZ Suspension Dampers?

JRZ Suspension Dampers control the movement of the wheels on the road surface, which determines the level of force on the tyre, contact patches and amount of grip the tyre generates. Dampers also control the movement of the chassis with respect to the wheels as the chassis rolls. Ultimately, Dampers have a direct influence on how the car grips to a surface. Parr offer a variety of different dampers depending on the application and budget – The JRZ Suspension Damper comes highly recommended.


  • Improved handeling
  • Reduced tyre wear
  • More traction
  • Better comfort level
  • Better stability of vehicle body
  • Increased lifetime of damper

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