Apr 9, 2024

PARR offer Porsche Approved Manthey Upgrades

Parr are pleased to announce after official Porsche factory training at Manthey we are now the first UK Porsche specialist to be authorised to supply and fit Porsche Approved Manthey upgrades.

Parr have offered the full range of Manthey product for sometime but after investing in the Manthey suspension set up system and meeting Manthey approval Parr can now offer customers Porsche approved Manthey kits and upgrades. These select kits and products are permitted under your Porsche manufacturers and extended warranty.

To get the best from your Manthey conversion Parr customers can benefit from of our 35 plus years experience in Porsche Motorsport on your first track outing. This exclusive support package is included in the price of all complete Manthey performance kits. For further details on the kits currently available and the Parr offer please go to the Manthey Performance Kit page.