Aug 15, 2016

Mixed fortunes for Parr Motorsport round off weekend at Knockhill

The final race at Knockhill rounds off mixed fortunes for Parr Motorsport this weekend. Despite the great drive in the morning race by Sean Hudspeth, it looked like the weekend was about to improve as he was on course for a potential second place in class midway through the race.

However, with just a couple of laps to go until the finish he encountered clutch issues, which ultimately led to him retiring with just a handful of laps to go.

Peter Kyle-Henney meanwhile had another good start, but was unable to get close to his rivals in Pro Am2 because of the close battle in the Pro category. That meant he could only manage fourth in class.

Sean Hudspeth – Pro Am1 Driver

“Obviously not ideal, it was completely out of my control. The clutch just failed at the chicane where I went through, had a bunch of revs and then spun. I tried to get going again but the clutch wasn’t engaging so I had to crawl back to the pit and we have a DNF which is not ideal. All things considered I think my pace was better at the start of this race than in the first race, and I was looking for a better result. Things happen, but this is motorsport. It’s one of the most rewarding sports in the world but equally one of the most unforgiving. We’ll take a few days out to see what happened to the clutch and try and keep the momentum into the next round.”

Peter Kyle-Henney – Pro Am2 Driver

“We expected a lot more from that, we certainly expected to be first or second, just nothing went my way today. I was very conscious that we were getting in the way of the Pro’s, which meant I lost more time to Thomas. Then when they cleared us, by then he was too far up the road for me to catch.”

Ben Barker – Driver Coach

“It was a shame about Sean’s failure, that was something completely out of his control. He probably could’ve got a second place out of that considering one of the drivers ahead was exceeding track limits. Hopefully we can find out what went wrong and work from there. Pete also got caught up in the Pro traffic which slowed him down in catching up to the other Am2 cars. But a constructive weekend and hopefully they can learn and build from this heading into Silverstone.”

Declan Robe – Team Manager

“In the second race Pete had a good start coming out of the first corner, then made a small error which let two of the other guys past, then it was quite an aggressive race from there on in Pro Am2 where Pete just lost out. Not the result he was looking for. Then Sean had a clutch problem, just a slight overheating of the clutch looking at the data from the start and didn’t finish the race which is a real disappointment. Started off as a good weekend, some ups and downs but we’ll come back to have a stronger weekend in Silverstone.”