Dec 3, 2018

Winter check list for your Porsche

With the winter weather well and truly upon us we thought it would be useful to compile a check list of items that Parr have found essential to preserve, protect and improve your Porsche through the winter months.


Winter Wheel & Tyre Sets

In some countries it is law to switch to winter tyres during the winter months. Even though this isn’t the case in the UK the benefits are clear. When you read any independent tyre tests the level of grip these tyres offer over summer tyres when the temperatures drop is significant. Parr can offer either winter tyres, or complete winter wheel and tyre sets. If you purchase through Parr we will even store your summer wheels and tyres free of charge to keep switching over as hassle free as possible. Parr can supply sets directly from Porsche, Techart or Cargraphic so offer a wide range of styles and sizes. Please call with your model details so we can price options available.


Headlight Restoration

With modern plastic headlight lenses the effects of UV exposure over time takes its toll making them fade and discolour. Besides looking unsightly the lack of clarity of the lens affects headlight performance. Fortunately Parr has a solution to this issue and can restore your headlights back to a clear finish keeping your headlights looking and working at their optimum. Headlight renovation cost £140+vat.



Underbody Waxoyl Treatment

The protective qualities of this treatment are just as effective on modern cars as they are on classics to keep the underside of your Porsche protected from the elements and resist corrosion. While it doesn’t last forever an application can be checked every couple of years to see how the coverage is performing and be topped up if required. Please call service for a quotation.



It may sound counter intuitive but if you are planning on putting your Porsche away this winter then a detail will help to protect the paintwork and remove any contaminants. As an authorised Swissvax detailer we have a range of product and services we can offer to make sure your Porsche is protected for its winter storage. We can even arrange covered transportation to avoid road conditions being an issue. You can see our detailing prices here.


Protective Grill Sets

Leaf and road debris is an issue for Porsche models that don’t have protective radiator grill sets fitted. As well as preventing stone damage to the radiators the grills prevent the cooling ducts from collecting debris which leads to potential hot spots on the radiator and ultimately premature failure. Parr tend to fit behind the bumper grills for a more OE look but can supply the clip in type if preferred. Please call service for a quotation.


Porsche Car Covers

To protect your Porsche, whether you store inside or out, Parr offer a range of tailored car covers. From stretch fit fabric indoor covers to 4 layer fully waterproof outdoor covers. Parr has nearly the whole Porsche range covered. Prices from £52+vat.


Battery Conditioner

If you store your Porsche for an extended period of time then a battery maintainer is a great investment to avoid unnecessary battery replacement. The latest electronic conditioners monitor battery condition and apply the correct amount of charge, as and when required, to keep your battery at optimum performance. Parr offer both Porsche and aftermarket solutions. Prices from £67.99+vat.