Apr 17, 2016

Conditions challenge Parr Motorsport but team is rewarded with podium success

The weather proved to be the biggest challenge to the Parr Motorsport team today as rain and cold conditions first thing gave way to snow at 9am. This led to qualifying being cancelled and the grid for race one being decided by championship order.

The cars went to the grid with some running on wet tyres and other on slicks. As the lights went out it was the cars on wet tyres that had the upper hand as they came through the field with the damp conditions suiting their tyre choice.  The tables would turn around on lap three with the track drying sufficiently for the slick tyres to come in. All of a sudden the slick tyres turned on and Sean began racing his way back through the pack. He was able to take huge chunks of time out of the leading duo of Dan and Euan McKay but the gap was too big to overcome in the time remaining, and he had to settle for third in ProAm1.

Peter enjoyed the grip his wet tyres afforded him early in the race, getting up as high as 13th before the track dried, turning in favour of the slicks. Peter was however able to salvage sixth place in ProAm2 and yet another points finish.

Sean Hudspeth – Started 12th, finished 3rd in ProAm1

“We had very interesting condition and we had to make a gamble with the tyres. We went with the slicks, which ultimately was the right choice. The hardest part was the first couple of lap because it was so greasy out there the hardest thing was just trying to keep it on the track. Everyone on the wets had the pace at the start but as the track dried out the slicks came in to their own. By the time I was able to come back through the field and push to get to the front. Unfortunately the gap was a little bit too far but I managed to get the second fastest time of the race for my group. I guess we just lost a little bit too much time at the start but that’s down to my experience as it was my first time starting on slick in a wet race but the pace was there. “

Peter Kyle-Henney – Started 17th, finished 6th in ProAm2

“It was exciting. We were on the wrong tyres but it was a decision that we took. If it had rained even slightly we would have had the advantage and certainly at the beginning of the race it was the right tyre to be on. I caught up behind Sean who started on slicks and then it was just a case of seeing what we could do with what we had when the track dried. It was an interesting race.”

Josh Webster – Driver Coach

The race was very up and down. The conditions really are the worst for the drivers. Sean only had a lap to bring in the brand new tyres but it was a good race and a good base for him to work from. Peter is learning all the time and that was his first proper wet race so he did well. Conditions weren’t the best but it was interesting and everyone did a great job.”

Paul Robe – Tem Principal

“It was a very interesting day with not having qualifying. The start of the race and the conditions we had were possibly the worst conditions a driver, team manager of engineer had to deal with. Both drivers opted for their tyre choice and off they went. I’m very pleased with Sean’s result. He used his head and got a podium position from a very low position at the start of the race. He was determined to be cautious to ensure a finish and that cost him some time at the beginning but he recovered well and his lap times show that. With Peter we opted to be cautious. Unfortunately we didn’t get a podium but there is no damage and we scored points. It’s positive but there is always work to do on race craft and we look forward to race two.