Feb 17, 2020

Buying a Porsche Cayenne: What to Look For

Silver second hand Porsche Cayenne

Why buy a second-hand Porsche Cayenne?

Perhaps the most convincing argument as to why you should choose a second-hand Porsche Cayenne is price.

Combining the superior driving experience of a classic Porsche with the practicality and convenience of an SUV, the Cayenne is the ultimate all-rounder. If your budget doesn’t extend to the £57,000 starting price, a used vehicle is likely to be your best option.

As a new car loses value the moment it leaves the forecourt, those in the market to buy a second-hand vehicle can stand to make decent savings. It’s possible to buy a used Porsche Cayenne for as little as £7,000, although premium and newer models will naturally fetch higher prices.

A second-hand vehicle is also much more likely to retain its relative value. If you care for a used Cayenne and keep on top of regular maintenance, this will help to reduce depreciation.

Rear view of silver used Porsche Cayenne

What year Porsche Cayenne should you buy?

As with any used vehicle purchase, age is an important criterion for consideration. Since the Cayenne’s launch in 2002, Porsche has released several updated models. It’s important to research and understand these updates before buying second hand.

Although performance is generally more important than appearance, the aesthetics of a car cannot be ignored. The Cayenne received a full facelift in 2007, revealing a highly coveted sleeker, sharper finished look.

However, the 2007 revamp wasn’t solely focussed on the Cayenne’s appearance. Models released post-2007 also benefit from revised engines and newer technology. Direct fuel injection was also introduced to improve efficiency and performance, whilst entry-level petrol engines were upped from 3.2 litres to 3.6 litres.

The Cayenne’s second-generation models were available from 2010. Whilst several important milestones have occurred since (including the release of the V6 diesel engine in 2009), we’d recommend choosing a post-2007 model, if your budget allows.


Porsche Cayenne cars lined up in garage

What to look for in a used Porsche Cayenne


On petrol V8 variants of the Cayenne it’s advised that engine checks should be carried out as bore score issues have been known on this engine.


Weighing in at over two tons, there’s no denying that the Cayenne is a heavy vehicle. This means the suspension is doing a lot of work and can require attention. When purchasing second hand, the suspension components should be checked carefully. Air suspension models should also have checks carried out for suspension operation and leaks.


As with the suspension, the weight of the Porsche Cayenne can also take its toll on the brakes. Before making a purchase, always make sure the brakes have plenty of mileage left on them. We’d recommend checking the vehicles mileage against the brakes in order to gauge how well the vehicle has been cared for, as well as the reliability of the seller.

Service history

Being a specialist vehicle, a Porsche Cayenne will require regular servicing from trained professionals, which will all be documented. Always ask for a service history when buying a used Cayenne – lack of one should be considered a red flag.

Where to buy a used Porsche Cayenne

Those planning on buying a used Porsche Cayenne must remember that extensive research into the seller is vital. Buying from a reputable Porsche sales specialist is highly recommended.

When buying from a dedicated Porsche reseller a thorough pre-sale inspection should have been carried out, ensuring that you only buy a Porsche Cayenne that is reliable and roadworthy.

Porsche Cayenne cars lined up in garage

Perhaps the chief benefit to purchasing from a specialist is the inclusion of a warranty, which you are unlikely to receive when buying from a private seller. If something were to go wrong with your vehicle while under warranty, you may be covered against the cost of necessary repairs.

Another benefit of heading to a used Porsche dealership will be the variety of vehicles on offer. If you have a particular model in mind, or you’re looking within specific parameters, e.g. a car with low mileage, a dedicated supplier will be able to help in your search. They may even have useful contacts who could aid you in finding what you want.

Although you may find buying from a specialist to be more expensive, there is no doubt – considering the price of the investment – that it is worth the additional cost. A Porsche expert will be able to detect potential issues that may otherwise be missed. This mitigates the risk of buying used, and the prospect of having to plough a lot of extra money into the vehicle post-sale to resolve unexpected problems.


Looking for an expert Porsche reseller to help you discover the Cayenne you want and deserve? At Parr Porsche, we have over 35 years’ experience in dealing Porsche vehicles of all models and vintages. For some friendly advice, get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team today.