Jul 17, 2019

Carrying out a pre-purchase inspection of your Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne on the road

If you’re considering investing in a used Porsche Cayenne, you’ll want to ensure that you’re fully informed of its history and general condition. A pre-purchase inspection will help to assure that you’re making the right choice and not inheriting an expensive maintenance project.

What is a pre-purchase inspection and why is it important?

Commissioning an inspection prior to buying a vehicle provides an opportunity to thoroughly check for issues and determine whether it is correctly priced. This service is usually carried out by a third party, who will then write a report on their findings.

The inspection will be made up of a series of checks, which may include:

  • looking for interior and exterior wear;
  • noting the vehicle’s service and repair history;
  • examining safety features and general maintenance;
  • taking the vehicle for a test drive.

A specialist will also be able to report on any hidden damage to the car in a pre-purchase inspection, that may otherwise go undetected if carried out by someone less experienced.

An inspection should be a vital step in purchasing a used car, especially one with a higher price tag – like the Porsche Cayenne. Being aware of faults or damage prior to finalising the sale could save you from additional future expenditure. If the vehicle needs more repair work than anticipated, you are within your rights to not complete the sale.

Even if the inspection reveals no hidden issues, this will take the guesswork out of your purchase and put your mind at ease.

A pre-purchase inspection will consider how well the engine has been maintained

Why buy a used Porsche Cayenne?

Although initially unpopular amongst devotees of exotic and performance vehicles, the Porsche Cayenne has risen to become one of the supercar manufacturer’s best-selling lines. Its popularity lies within the combination of that unrivalled driving experience of a classic sports car crossed with the practicality of an SUV – creating the ultimate all-round ride.

Used models are an increasingly popular option for both first-time buyers and experienced motorists, for a multitude of reasons:


The most popular and most universal reason behind the choice to opt for pre-owned vehicle is cost. Whilst a brand-new Porsche Cayenne will be on the market for £60,000 upwards, it’s possible to buy a pre-owned version for under £10,000 (or £13,000 for a Turbo), making second-hand cars a far more affordable investment.

Your vehicle as an investment

Many motorists also opt for used vehicles over brand-new as they often prove to be a far better investment due to depreciation. The bulk of car depreciation happens in the first three years of its lifespan, with many losing up to 50% of their value in this period. The most significant drop in value happens the moment you drive a new car from the showroom forecourt.

Protecting the environment

Another reason people are increasingly choosing to buy used cars is due to environmental considerations. Although it’s no secret that pollution caused by automobiles has played a part in global warming, there are ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Buying a used vehicle is one of them. Although the Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid has been praised as much for its performance as it has for its green credentials, a new car can only go so far in terms of reducing carbon emissions.

Almost a quarter of the carbon dioxide produced in the lifetime of a vehicle is released during manufacture and shipping. By buying a second-hand car you are actively contributing towards the prevention of damaging greenhouse gasses.

What to look for when buying a used Porsche Cayenne

As with any used vehicle, it’s essential to know what you, or your chosen professional, should be looking out for during an inspection. Below is a selection of some of the important things to check. Note that this list is not exhaustive.

Road mileage

Checking how many miles a car has done may seem obvious, but it is especially important with a pre-2007 Porsche Cayenne. Several specialists have reported that, following the 70,000-mile mark, the S model is susceptible to complete engine failure due to disintegrating Lokasil cylinder coatings – the cost of which will exceed the car’s value.

Year of manufacture

In addition to the engine problems some older Porsche Cayenne models experience, there are other reasons to opt for a newer vehicle. Porsche’s 2007 revamp remedied several recurring issues, including a harsher ride as a result of steel-sprung suspension. Of course, if you’re on the look-out for a diesel-engine variant, you will have to choose a post-2009 model.

Tyres and treads

Weighing upwards of two tonnes, the tyres on a Cayenne do some serious legwork. Checking the treads on the tyres will not only indicate how much further the car can run before replacements are needed; it also indicates how well the vehicle was maintained by the previous owner(s). New, high-quality tyres suggest a degree of care has been taken and will speak volumes for the vehicle’s overall quality.

Check the brakes are in good repair

Inspecting the brake pads is important with any second-hand car, but with a vehicle as large and heavy as the Porsche Cayenne, it’s essential. Even if driven carefully, the lifespan of a Porsche Cayenne’s brake pads can be in the region of 10,000 miles (this figure will be lower if the vehicle has not been subjected to careful driving).

A Porsche pre-purchase inspection will include an examination of vehicle interior for wear

Why seek professional help with a Porsche pre-purchase inspection?

Although the Porsche Cayenne may seem like an approachable ‘family’ vehicle, it is still a high-end performance vehicle, and should be treated as such.

If you have never purchased a Porsche before, seek the help of professionals. They will have extensive knowledge of the car you’re hoping to purchase, including any recurring issues, necessary repairs and complications pertaining to particular models. They will also have the confidence and resources to accurately perform and report on an inspection. By approaching this task independently, you run the risk of missing potentially catastrophic issues, which could result in significant repair further down the line.

With over 35 years of experience in the market, here at PARR Porsche we are fully informed when it comes to buying and selling used Porsche Cayenne – helping you to save money, while choosing the best vehicle possible. To learn more about our extensive pre-purchase inspection services please visit our dedicated page or get in touch with a member of our helpful team.